Sports in summer: you should pay attention to this

Почему при регулярных занятиях спортом не всегда удается сбросить вес

Summer, sun, hot temperatures: Are you in a good mood? Are you full of energy? Nothing keeps you in your own four walls anymore? Then you are just like many others.

Bootcamp enthusiasts cavort in parks, sunbathers are out and about with their SUP on the water and in many places there is competition on the finest sandy beach – summer is a festival for all outdoor athletes!

But everyone knows: as soon as the temperatures rise above 25 degrees, training outdoors can also involve some risks. Therefore, in this context, warnings are repeatedly issued against sunburn, breathing difficulties and heat collapse.

Can, should or shouldn’t recreational athletes take a break in the weeks when it can get really hot in our latitudes?

No – total abstinence from movement is not a solution either!

If you do sports in the middle of summer at high temperatures, you should still observe a few important tips. This keeps training healthy in the heat and is fun too.

8 rules for sport in summer

If you stick to the following rules on hot days, you will not only stay healthy throughout the summer, but also in top form.

1. Drink a lot

Drink a lot of water, even during winter! | Tonic Apnar Bhalo Thakar Master Plan

Drinking a lot is important! Especially in combination with exercise, adequate fluid intake is even more important at the current temperatures. Increased sweating causes your body to lose significantly more water and minerals than usual.

This is not only unhealthy and can lead to physical discomfort, your workout itself can also suffer from it: If you are fluid deficit, your performance can drop significantly .

Especially in summer you should drink enough and regularly throughout the day – not just when you feel thirsty.

The following applies to training: Take small sips every now and then! The German Society for Food and Drink e. V. recommends a fluid intake of 0.4–0.8 l / h for sporting activity in summer during intensive endurance activities.

2. Find the optimal training time

“Early birds” have a clear advantage in summer: In the early morning the air is still comparatively cool and fresh. The ozone pollution is then also lowest. If you are not made for morning exercise, it is best to move your training to the late evening hours.

Under no circumstances should you run outside in the blazing midday heat or do other sports. This could lead to circulatory problems and put you at risk of heat stroke or sunstroke.

We have summarized for you the advantages and disadvantages of morning exercise or workouts in the evening at normal temperatures.

3. Choosing the right sport

Tips And Hints To Choosing The Right Sports To Bet On

Very strenuous sports such as intensive strength training or HIIT shouldn’t necessarily be in extreme heat – that’s obvious. However, if you don’t want to do without going to your limits in summer, please be told: There are enough cool alternatives !

You can find inspiration for outdoor sports here.

How about a game of beach volleyball, stand up paddling or padel with friends ?! It’s in a great mood and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite sport that brings you a little closer to your training goals!

Doing sport regularly does not consistently mean that the fitness effect comes on its own: A noticeable increase in performance only takes place outside of your comfort zone. So try something new more often!

4. Slow down

In midsummer we often feel less productive than in cooler seasons. This is not only due to the nice weather, but also to how our body reacts to heat.

To keep the body temperature low, your cardiovascular system does a lot of work. Under these conditions, you should reduce your demands during training and not push your body to its full potential.

Sufficient breaks ensure that your body has enough time to regenerate. So when it’s hot, you should take longer breaks.

Use this to have a drink, take a deep breath or just take a breather. Better one break too much than one too little is the motto. Then you can continue full of energy.

5. Don’t forget to warm up

Don't forget to warm up before any exercise - Inside the Gates

Cold starts are always dangerous. Even in summer, a warm-up phase should be a matter of course before every workout. Since the outside temperature has no influence on the muscles, you shouldn’t forget to warm up even in summer temperatures.

Loose running, for example, mobilizes the cardiovascular system. Targeted stretching exercises bring muscles and vision to operating temperature and thus protect against strains and other injuries.

6. Eating properly

The minerals, salts (electrolytes) and vitamins secreted with sweat can not only be re-purged with isotonic drinks, but also with food. Particularly suitable for a full diet are z. B. fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and fish. It is better to use fresh products that have the highest vitamin content.

Even if you don’t feel hungry at high temperatures: Eating nothing is not an option – especially if you build muscle or want to maintain them over the summer months. Try it with several small, light meals spread over the day that are not so heavy on the stomach.

7. Suit up

Or rather suit down? For sports in the heat, you should choose clothing made of functional fibers that quickly wick sweat away from the skin and ideally even cool you a little on top.

Here it is said, less is more: it is best to leave as much skin free as possible. Your body’s own air conditioning system runs at top performance at high temperatures and can use any support.

Warning : In humid weather, the cooling only works to a limited extent due to the evaporation of sweat, as the air humidity greatly reduces the effect.

8. In extreme heat: indoor beats outdoor

As motivating as an outdoor workout may be: When it gets really hot, there is nothing to prevent you from letting your energy run free in the cooler indoor area.

Then you can still go outside to relax and enjoy the sun and have a good time. In addition to the temperature, training in air-conditioned rooms also has the advantage that you do not need sun protection and the cardiovascular system is not so stressed.

Whether in sun, rain or thunderstorms: With Urban Sports Club there are no more excuses due to the weather! You can take advantage of countless offers: from live online courses in your own four walls to indoor training units with and without a personal trainer to outdoor workouts with built-in cooling! Take the chance and easily adapt your training to your needs and goals – and not to the weather!


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