5 challenging outdoor activities

Top 10 Health Benefits of Parkour and Free Running

Summer is finally here and luckily we have more freedom to leave our own four walls to get fit. It is completely understandable, however, if you are still a little hesitant about exercising indoors.

This is exactly why we are introducing you to our 5 favorite activities that you can do outdoors. In this way you get fit despite social distancing and have a lot of fun at the same time.

High Ropes Activities Course - The Adventurous Activity Company

No activity is more exciting and daring than high rope climbing. Urban Sports Club has numerous climbing partners in Germany, all of whom adhere to the hygiene regulations of the respective federal state.

But you won’t have time to think about that when you’re 20 meters above the ground looking for the next grip.

Our sports explorers have found that the high rope climbing at Magic Mountain in Kreuzberg is the best way to clear your head and fully immerse yourself in the here and now.

Technically, it’s even a partner sport, as someone should always secure you downstairs. But when climbing you are completely alone – which is scary but calming at the same time.

Once the climb is over, your heart will beat so hard that it almost pops out of your chest. Your arms and legs are shaking from adrenaline and strength training. But the best thing about it is the sense of achievement.

Check out our high-rope climbing partners in Germany to find out which outdoor walls are near you. And so that you know exactly what to expect there, read our blog post about outdoor high rope climbing in Lisbon. It’s just as exciting, only the stones there are a bit more realistic.

Stand Up Paddling

▷ Stand Up Paddle Board Rental - Agios Georgios from 25 € - CheckYeti

Stand Up Paddling has grown in popularity in recent years, so that more and more partners are offering SUP throughout Germany. The best part about standing on a surfboard and getting around with a paddle is the connection with nature.

Our sports explorers dared to venture out on the water of Berlin’s Schlachtensee with stand-up paddlers last summer. With a little practice, it’s easy to find your balance and glide over the calm water in an almost meditative manner. It’s really exciting to discover the lakes from a completely different perspective!

Find SUP partners in your area here.


Urban Sports Club is proud to have wakeboarding partners on board. So you too can enjoy trying it out! Now is the best time to dare to go on the water, because there is a very low risk of COVID-19 infection in water sports.

How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

In addition, a fun and strenuous full-body workout is guaranteed. But don’t expect high jumps during the first few attempts – 5 seconds on the board over the water is likely to be the greatest success for the beginning. So don’t get discouraged straight away, stick with it!

Click here and find wakeboarding partners near you.


With a mix of balance, technique and strength, our parkour partners use the urban environment for their workout. Our sports explorers learned an important lesson while doing parkour in Lisbon:

Parkour freerunning organizations resist FIG′s efforts to ′usurp′ the sport | News | DW | 30.11.2018

Hilário Freire, the founder of Spot Real, said: “We usually train within our comfort zone, which is why it is so small. It gets boring pretty quickly.

But every time you try something new, your comfort zone grows. This is how you improve over time. ”

You can also apply this concept to life: If you never go to your limits or beyond, you will not make any progress.

So check out the parkour partners in your area and leave your comfort zone!


Spain’s second most popular sport (after football) is best played outside. Padel is a punch sport that is becoming more and more popular in Germany and Europe.

Падель – популярный аналог тенниса в Испании | Новости Торревьехи: коротко о главном

Padel is perfect for keeping a safe distance. Because you play with four people on a huge field. You always stay on your side and don’t run the risk of getting your partner’s sweat drops.

Our sports explorers have already tested padel and have found: It’s great fun and, above all, a great way to spend time with friends – and don’t forget: a great workout. Check out the rules before you book a field and you’ll quickly find out how padel works.

We hope that with these sports we have given you some inspiration and a motivational boost to go out and get active.


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