2 workouts = 2x effective?

The health benefits of working out with a crowd

Would you like to improve your fitness, but find it too monotonous to train alone? Even training in a larger group doesn’t appeal to you that much?

Training with a girlfriend, boyfriend or even your partner is twice as fun and increases your motivation – this is the first lesson you get to hear. However, the principle can be expanded: Do not just train next to your partner, but actually with him or her.

You can read about other advantages of a joint workout here.

In order that the joint workout does not turn out to be the typical couple thing, it is important that both trainees are optimally utilized. So neither of you will feel bored or overwhelmed!

Unfortunately, you can at least imagine that two training partners of different stature can fit together during training.

Alex and Kim are big fitness enthusiasts who have both gone through great transformations. In addition to numerous nutrition and training tips, the power couple provides deep insights into their (fitness) life. On their travels around the world, they are always looking for fun and the opportunity to keep fit together.

Myth 1 – partner workouts are typical couple stuff

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When we weren’t a couple, we only really got to know each other 2.5 years ago in the gym. Basically, we would say that partner workouts are a great opportunity to spend quality time productively together instead of just slouching around on the couch together.

Couples who struggle side by side through a workout or try out new sports together motivate each other, tend to push their personal limits and beyond.

As a lone fighter, you often have inhibitions in sport to move out of your comfort zone. We mutually motivate each other to do things that we don’t like to do alone.

Myth 2 – exercises for two are always a competition

Having the same goals connects and motivates a lot! There is no room for competition! That is why it is also important to remain objective when dealing with criticism and not drift down to a personal level.

For example, when we do our weight training together, our focus is on individual performance. We have fun together in recreational sports.

We leave at home the competitive thinking that turns every unit into a competition. We are aware that in some sports I have an advantage over Kim because of my physiology.

Myth 3 – Only dancing is for couples

Basically you can do any sport together that you can do alone. The main thing is that you want to be active together – otherwise the shot can backfire.

That doesn’t mean that in the future you should only jog with your partner and share your favorite yoga class with him.

Going alone is important in sport as well as in relationships – in order to be able to enjoy the partnership again.

Especially in times of social distancing, workouts for two are very good to stay fit. They offer a welcome alternative. Working out together makes you want more. For example, we discovered cycling for ourselves in Corona times and, as soon as normal has returned, we go back to playing badminton or squash.

Myth 4 – mass vs. Strength endurance: partner workouts only serve one of the two

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The goal is to train with each other on an equal footing. Training content cannot always be reconciled. The good thing about it is:

Sports and physical differences between men and women are irrelevant. Depending on your personal goals, you can also use tricks.
The level of difficulty can then be adjusted, for example, by the number of repetitions or additional weights.

Myth 5 – partner workouts create a bad atmosphere within a relationship

On the contrary: sweating together welds you together! We have a lot of fun when we train together. Then everyone focuses on the training for themselves and we pull together. After the workout, we both feel good that we have done something for our body. You radiate this inner satisfaction and your partner notices it too!


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