Holiday feeling: These sports combine fun and sport

Avant le concert de Rihanna : j'ai testé les cours de booty therapy

The summer holidays are just around the corner – for many a reason to be happy. But never before have children and adults been so perplexed before these six weeks as in the summer of the corona pandemic.

Planned vacations are currently under a bad star: trips abroad are possible to a limited extent, but shouldn’t it be better to stay on balconies and terraces?

We have a few ultimate tips for you on how you can enjoy the best time of the year optimally and actively. Anyone who decides to take a vacation in Germany does not have to do without extraordinary leisure activities.

The Urban Sports Club offer includes a number of activities that turn the usual routine upside down with a large portion of welcome variety – whether in the studio, outside in the park or online.

In this article we introduce you to 5 extraordinary sports where the fun factor is definitely in the foreground. No fear! The positive training effects are not left by the wayside.

Here you can read how you can travel Europe at least virtually with our live online courses.

Booty Therapy

Booty Therapy - Online Paris | Urban Sports Club

Booty Therapy is about simply “hanging up” your worries. Movements from Afro-urban dance styles are used to dance to beats that almost burst the room full of energy and good humor.

The lessons that are offered on site are led by Maïmouna, who really makes everyone dance with her power and a good dose of humor. Her focus is on moving the buttocks correctly and teaching the technique of twerking. The fun factor is not neglected here.

Techno Yoga

Techno Yoga - Wild and Well

Summer means dancing at hot parties and colorful festivals. But this year everything is different: Instead of partying with the clique or best friends to the beats of bands and DJs, the clubs were closed and all beloved festivals canceled. Do without electro beats? Under no circumstance! Because Hi! Yoga offers techno yoga and combines flow yoga with electronic music as a live workout. So if you don’t have any plans for the weekend, this is the perfect way to combine sport and partying.


Inline skating is THE leisure activity par excellence! And rightly so: it can be a very liberating feeling to pace along the asphalt with rollers under your feet in good weather. Paired with 80s and 90s songs, it’s twice as much fun. Even if it doesn’t look as elegant and fast as the Starlight Express, Trash’n’Roll on the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin will show you tips and tricks on how to have fun and keep fit on your skates.

Surf yoga

The surf vacation can take place! On dry land and at home … but at least with surf yoga you train your body in such a way that standing on the board becomes easy.

BBalance Yoga prepares you perfectly for your next surf trip. With a mixture of strengthening asanas, stretches and small meditations, you train exactly the muscles that are important when surfing on the water.

Sweating is guaranteed during the course on site and with a large portion of imagination, surf yoga is the perfect warm-up for your surf session.


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