Surfing in Germany: The best spots for surfing

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“I am so stoked” – you hear that all too often from surfers in connection with a big grin all over the face, usually after they have caught the perfect wave.

We have good news for you: In order to experience this feeling in the course of your water sports career, you don’t have to visit the remotest corners of the world. Our home regions also offer a lot of fun surfing.

Who would have thought that you can ride waves really well in this country? Surfing in Germany means the best waves, a short journey and comfortable accommodation. And at fair prices!

Surfing in Northern Germany -

Especially when, according to a current study on this year’s travel behavior of Germans at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, 40% of those surveyed prefer to go on holiday at home.

No matter whether you want to try your hand at surfing for the first time or are already familiar with the hang-loose mentality of a surf professional – here we have the best surf spots in Germany for you! So on the boards, get set, go!

1. The pearls of the North Sea

The North Sea island of Amrum is one of the most beautiful German North Sea areas. With a good balance of strong winds and conditions for all skill levels, both beginners and wave cracks get their money’s worth.

In Norddorf there is a surfing area with courses for beginners and a large standing area. Depending on the weather conditions, even advanced surfers will find a constant surf here. All professionals have a challenging wave area in front of Süddorf, because with a westerly wind it can be a bit more challenging.

Here you can find information about the corresponding surf schools.

And you shouldn’t miss the Amrum beach either. As one of the largest sandbanks in Europe, it forms an inexhaustible space of freedom. The expanse of the “Kniepsand”, as it is called, also invites you to chill out.

2. Surfing in the heart of Munich

Munich’s ever-growing surfing scene meets at the Eisbachwelle all year round. As an artificially created river, the Eisbach flows through the middle of the English Garden, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Germany.

Surfing in Munich

The Eisbachwelle has now been around for over 40 years. In the meantime, its own surfing scene has established itself there. In addition to locals, surfers from all over the world also come here for this reason alone. In contrast to the surf spots by the sea, it always runs!

However, only advanced skiers should venture into the Eisbachwelle. Surfing on the Eisbach is dangerous: the one meter high standing wave is caused by a wave just below

Stone step lying on the water, over which the brook rushes. If you fall forwards instead of backwards while surfing the wave, you will definitely make contact with it …

You can see what it looks like when professionals surf here.

3. Surf yoga with BBalance Yoga

Would you like to prepare for surfing without getting in the water? Ever heard of surf yoga? Surfing and yoga are a perfect match when it comes to improving your surfing posture. In doing so, you strengthen your muscles, which are necessary to stand up on the board and keep your balance.

When surf meets yoga : SUP yoga - Aloha Surf Camp

BBalance Yoga in Munich offers a course that combines special asanas, breathing and stretching and is therefore perfectly tailored to prospective surfers.

Even if you don’t want to hit the water, the course is great for anyone looking to strengthen their core and stretch hard-to-reach muscles. So: Yoga is hip, you surfers!

4. Check in to Rostock

Rostock – the secret surfing capital on the German Baltic Sea coast – has a lot more to offer than just top-class spots, fantastic beaches and unique nature.

The best surfing conditions prevail in Rostock because the spots can be reached so quickly. With the board under your arm in the S-Bahn and after 25 minutes you can plunge into the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde.

This is also the home of HW-Surf Surfzelt. HW-Surf-Surfzelt is not only your trusted dealer when it comes to surfing, skimboarding, kite surfing and longboarding. Here you can also get courses for it.

Instead of Hawaii you could take the perfect wave in Rostock this year. And while you are already there, you also have a large selection for other activities such as yoga, fitness, climbing and much more. Just check out our partner locations in Rostock here.

5. Your own balance board

If you want to learn to surf or improve your surfing skills, then training with a balance board is just the thing for you.

Most of us are not lucky enough to live by the sea. This is precisely why it is so important to prepare your body in good time and regularly for your next surf trip. The balance board is the perfect tool for this!

It improves your coordination and stability, which will definitely help you on your next surfing vacation.

In addition, balance boards are a perfect training for your core muscles, which are often neglected in everyday life.


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