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Why Yoga Is Good for Your Body and Brain, According…

Anyone who shows themselves deeply relaxed in contorted poses is not only doing something for their own health, but also wins attention and likes! Yoga has meanwhile become a large market of desirability.

It is much more important that yoga has healing powers for the whole of life: Whether emotional stress, physical tension or fitness – it seems to be a good solution for many physical and psychological complaints. There are numerous reasons why yoga is good for you from the first breath. The positive effects on body and mind are clearly proven by numerous studies!

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Yoga can also be more than just a trend, a restorative “recharging the battery” and more than the mobilization of strength. Doesn’t yoga also have potential benefits for the community or even for the world as a whole?

On the occasion of World Yoga Day (International Yoga Day on Sunday, June 21), on which yoginis and yogis worldwide have been celebrating yoga teaching for five years now, we asked ourselves what a world might look like where almost all people practice yoga and meditate on a regular basis?

Both yoga teachers joined forces in the corona lockdown phase to give the around 100 yoga schools in Stuttgart a voice in need under wirsindyoga. In an open letter to the Minister of Education and Sports, Susanne Eisenmann (CDU), Ralf and Oz scientifically documented the great value of the traditional practice for body and mind in addition to the hygiene concept for the reopening of the yoga studios.

With this, Ralf and Oz have demonstrated what has been yoga for 5000 years: “Yoga has always been about recognizing our true nature, connecting with our consciousness – and thus with all people and all beings in this world ”, Ralf explains the philosophy behind it.

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Great challenges of the current time

Especially at a time when the social isolation caused by the corona virus is still more or less determining our everyday life – you may often feel restless, restless, scared. Even if public life is slowly getting going again – the future remains uncertain.

Of course, you cannot fight viruses directly with relaxation techniques and meditation, but yoga not only plays an important role in finding and maintaining inner calm – it also strengthens your immune system by reducing stress. As soon as you are completely with yourself, you are more independent of what is happening around you. It strengthens you mentally.

“True happiness and real satisfaction, that is one of the most important teachings of yoga, we do not find in the outside, not in material things, but only in ourselves. And from this awareness we not only feel an ever greater bond, but also a responsibility towards all people and living beings. ”

Find satisfaction within

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Techniques like yoga or meditation that lead you inward are the key to how you can shape your life more mindfully and consciously, instead of being influenced by external circumstances and using material triggers as aids.

“In many ways, yoga helps to cultivate the mentality of lightness and balance, not only as a result of the liveliness that we feel after practicing our daily asanas, but also through the philosophy that serves as the basis for the practice ”, Oz answers the question of how you experience inner satisfaction in yoga.

Strengthening collective consciousness through yoga

The Sanskrit term “kula” in India means “herd”, “family”, “community”. It plays an important role in the history of yoga, because yogic practice is always about the development of the individual in connection with the whole. Yoga brings – as we see on World Yoga Day – people all over the world together and creates a kula feeling.

According to Ralf and Oz, the practice can help to build a healthier and more stable society in the post-Corona period. “In some yoga classes, the energy can almost be grasped with the hands. Students experience an intensity of practice that, perhaps if they practice at home with a video, they never achieve. You will literally be carried through the hour. Call it energy or collective consciousness, but in any case it’s something that connects us all. ”

More yoga for humanity

NOW Yoga

Yoga is not just an inspiring sport that can be practiced regardless of age. It brings the body into shape with relaxing movements and helps to organize and focus your own thoughts.

As a result, the human being as a whole system is brought back into harmony with himself. Yoga teaches mindfulness. “More people should be doing yoga to strengthen both our individual and collective health and to develop a deeper awareness that begins with each individual,” appeals Oz.

With more mindfulness, we can live in a world that is characterized by inclusivity instead of exclusivity – in a world in which people connect and do not set themselves apart.

Yoga and meditation therefore not only have advantages for ourselves as individuals: it is we ourselves who can make the world a better place.


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